Puerto Maldonado – Amazon

Fly to Puerto Maldonado and then travel on the Madre de Rios River deep into the Amazon. Visit the Amazon’s National Preserve “Tambopata National Reserve” and discover a vibrant biodiversity of birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, trees, and medicinal plants. Stay in a beautiful Amazonian lodge located on the banks of the Madre de Rios River.

Puerto Maldonado – Amazon

DAY 1: Fly to Puerto Maldonado and on to your Amazon Jungle Adventure!

The Tambopata jungle is home to a plethora of unique animals and great variety of plant life.

Your Travelution Peru host will take you to the airport early in the morning for your flight to Puerto Maldonado. Once you touch down there, you’ll be transported by boat to the Refugio Amazónas lodge in Tambopata for an Amazon luxury travel experience. Lunch will be served en route. After dinner as the sun sets, embark on a guided walk as the rainforest transforms itself into deep darkness. Armed with flashlights and headlamps, you will enter a world inhabited with animals, amphibians, reptiles, and insects that have adapted to life in the darkness. Tonight, fall asleep to a symphony of jungle sounds!

DAY 2: A jungle excursion, river otters, and canopy views!

The Oxbow Lake is home to a resident family of endangered Giant River Otters as well as other jungle creatures.

Early this morning, you and your guide will trek through the jungle past the hanging nests of Oropendola birds and fruit bats until you reach a tranquil jungle of waterways, the Oxbow Lake. What belies Oxbow Lake’s calm water and beautiful landscapes are wild creatures lurking just below the surface. Then hop on a traditional wooden canoe with your guide to spy for wildlife.  You will have a chance of seeing the unusual Hoatzin bird, along with troops of squirrel monkeys, rare giant otters, huge caiman, and majestic macaws flying overhead.

Bid goodbye to the otters and start hiking through the winding jungle trails as you marvel at the huge trunks of the rainforest before reaching the Canopy Observation Tower. Here you and your guide will hike up the 25-m Canopy Tower. Once on top, you will have a bird’s-eye view of the majestic forest stretching in every direction. You will also have a chance to spot for monkeys, toucans, macaws, and other exotic jungle animals.

After lunch, we will set out to visit Don Manuel’s Amazonian farm. Here we will learn about the variety of popular and exotic Amazon produce he grows and discover that just about every plant and tree you see serves a purpose.

Puerto Maldonado – Amazon

DAY 3: A day enjoying jungle excursions: parrot and mammal clay licks!

Many jungle species flock to these clay licks for much-needed nutrients in addition to some socializing.

At dawn this morning, you will have the opportunity to spot amazing tropical birds, while learning about a strange jungle diet. We will either take a 15-minute boat ride or a 60-minute walk through the jungle to a clay lick used by parrots and parakeets. Your guide will take you inside to a well-hidden viewing platform built from clay and thatch where you will have the opportunity to get a close look at the 7 to 10 species of these birds as they descend to munch on nutrient-rich clay. Researchers at the Macaw Project have studied these larger birds as they eat clay around the region and they believe that these animals eat the clay to supplement salt in their diet as they live far away from any ocean. Come and observe these tropical birds and decide for yourself.

In the afternoon, we will be talking a short walk to a small clay cliff that attracts dozens of species, especially mammals who come to eat on the salty clay. The most well-known of these mammals are the White-Lipped Peccaries. These are wild rainforest pigs that show up in herds of 5 to 25 individuals to eat clay in the late morning. Chances of spotting them are around 15%, but it is well worth the short hike. Other wildlife also shows up, including deer, guans and parakeets.

Return to the lodge for one final night in the Amazonian Jungle.

DAY 4: Fly to your next destination.